2013-2014 Bowie FFA Alumni
Rifle/Shotgun Raffle!

CONGRATULATIONS to the winners!!
Next drawing will be April 7th!!


1              Scott Schenk                         Browning A-Bolt 243 WSSM

2              BJ Guerra                              Benelli Nova 20 ga.

3              Terrance Peterman                DPMS Oracle AR 5.56

4              Robert Schnautz                    Ruger 10-22 TD

5              Ronnie Steffek                       Benelli Super Nova 12 ga. Camo

6              Darcy LaVean                        S&W M&P 15-22

7              Blake Middleton                     CZ 550 22-250

8              Ron Beyer                             Benelli Nova 12 ga. NK        

9.             Jewell Patricio                        Savage 10p 308

10.           Rine Everett                           Winchester SXP 12 ga.

11.           Phil Applegate                        Franchi Instinct 12 ga.

12.           Ken Richardson                      Savage Axis Youth 243

13            Jordan Fowlkes                       Remington 700 SPS 270

14.           Pat Johnston                          Savage 93 22 Mag  

15.           Karen Griffin                          Remington 700SPS Tact. 308

16.           Johnny Rush                          BSA Silver Eagle 12 ga.



The Bowie-Austin FFA Alumni Association is a non profit organization created to assist the Bowie-Austin FFA members with their fair projects and supporting the FFA program.  All monies go directly back to funding the members and this program.

26 Rifle/Shotgun Raffle

Average Gun Price Approximately $500.00


The first four tickets will be drawn on January 24, 2014 the day of the TCYS Auction. Two tickets will be drawn at the second drawing on January 27, 2014 with two tickets drawn every two weeks after that. (Feb 10 & 24; Mar 10 & 24; Apr 7 & 21; May 5 & 19; June 2 & 16).

The winner must be able to pass the background check to register ownership of the rifle/shotgun; therefore, must be at least 18 years old.

If a ticket is drawn it will be placed back into the raffle, each ticket has 26 chances to win!

Only 500 tickets sold!    $50.00 per ticket    It is less than $2.00 a week!

The drawing will be monitored by no less than 2 members of the Bowie FFA Alumni.

The winners will be immediately notified and should pickup his/her gun as soon as possible.  Winners will be contacted via phone and email.

All guns are sold by Red’s Indoor Range in Austin, Texas.

Results will be posted after each drawing

Contact any Bowie-Austin FFA Alumni member to get your tickets or Dennis Petrash at 512-657-2435


The Bowie-Austin FFA Alumni is not affiliated with or representing James Bowie High School or Austin Independent School District.  We are an independent non-profit organization and not a Booster Club.

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