2014-2015 Bowie FFA Alumni Rifle/Shotgun Raffle WINNERS:

1/23     Nick Smith                             Savage 11FXP3 243W w scope
1/23     Stephanie Clutter                    Remington 870 Express 12 ga
2/3       Jeff Dodd                                Mossberg 500 Persuader 12/20
2/3       James Racek                           Savage 22 MAG
2/3       Mark Hodgson                         Remington 11-87 12 GA O/U
2/3       Ava Sanders                           Steyr Anschutz MSR 22 LR
2/17     Randall Wiley                         ATI KOFS Cavalry SX 12gaO/U
2/17     Chris Burris                            Savage O/U 22LR/410ga
2/17     Jill Sims                                 Hi-Point Carbine 45ACP
2/17     Ashley Brown                        Mossberg 500 SPX 12ga
3/2       Mark Hodgson                        16201 Glorious Lane
3/2       Jack Barnett                            Marlin 336Y 30-30 Compact
3/2       Ashley Brown                         Remington 700SPS 223
3/2       J. Fowlkes                              Remington 700 SPS 270WIN
3/16     TJ Jackson                             Mossberg MVP 308WIN
3/16     Susan Janecka                       Savage Axis Camo 270WIN
3/16     Benji Bernal                           H&H Handi Rifle 300AAC
3/16     Don Ward                              Savage 11FXP3 243WIN
3/30     Erin Bennett                          Savage Mark II 17HM2
3/30     Sandy Peterson                     Tikka T3 270WIN
3/30     Bill Rhyan                              Remington 783 270WIN
3/30     Billy Phenix                            Savage 11 308 Hog Hunter
4/13     Jack Barnett                           Ruger 10/22 Carbine
4/13     Adam Thompson                   S&W M&P15 ORC
4/13     Chris Burris                             DPMS Panther Oracle 223
4/13      Jim Reaves                              Marlin 336W 30-30 Lever



The Bowie-Austin FFA Alumni Association is a non profit organization created to assist the Bowie-Austin FFA members with their fair projects and supporting the FFA program.  All monies go directly back to funding the members and this program.

26 Rifle/Shotgun Raffle

Average Gun Price Approximately $500.00


The first two tickets will be drawn in January 2015 at the Travis County Youth Livestock Show Sale on January 23rd. The second drawing will be on February 2nd, 2015 with four tickets drawn approximately every two weeks after that.

The winner must be able to pass the background check to register ownership of the rifle/shotgun; therefore, must be at least 18 years old.

If a ticket is drawn it will be placed back into the raffle, each ticket has 26 chances to win!

Only 500 tickets sold!    $50.00 per ticket

The drawing will be monitored by no less than 2 members of the Bowie FFA Alumni. The winners will be immediately notified and will be able to pick up his/her gun at their convenience. Winners will be contacted via phone and email. All guns are sold by Storied Firearms in Austin, Texas. Winners will need to contact Charlie at Storied Firearms within 2 weeks after notification to arrange to pick up the prize or risk forfeiting it.

Results will be posted after each drawing

Contact any Bowie-Austin FFA Alumni member to get your tickets or the following FFA Alumni members directly: Dennis 512-657-2435 or BJ Guerra at 512-417-6070

Gun Raffle 2014-15

The Bowie-Austin FFA Alumni is not affiliated with or representing James Bowie High School or Austin Independent School District.  We are an independent non-profit organization and not a Booster Club.

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